In the two weeks since launching the initial proposal, the vast majority of reactions and responses received have been positive, but as of yet, we still do not have any pastors or bishops who have given the order to put this proposal into action. Some seem to be leaning in that direction, but in order to gain some momentum, we are still waiting for the first courageous shepherd to step out and officially lead the way.

As we continue to respond to any questions or objections that arise, and seek to build support for this proposal, you can keep current with our Flags to Half-Staff page. Yet in order to help you catch and share the “why” behind this proposal, here are the top 10 reasons why we need to take this action:

1. It is a right response to reality.

When 3,000 innocent humans beings are killed in the U.S., we are right to call it a national tragedy and lower our flags to half-staff in response.

2. The dead victims deserve to be acknowledged.

The thousands of pre-born children killed each day because of legalized abortion in the U.S. are sadly treated as if they do not matter. Each and every one of these children matters. The action of lowering our flags to half-staff shows that we will not allow them to die unacknowledged and ignored.

3. It shines a light on the lie at the core of legalized pre-born child killing.

Lie: Pre-born children are merely things that can be ethically killed and thrown away like garbage. Truth: Pre-born humans are of equal value to born humans and we must treat them accordingly. We respond to the national tragedy of 9/11/2001 by lowering our flags to half staff, it is consistent to do the same every day for the innocent pre-born victims who are killed by legalized abortion.

4. It will begin a national conversation and conversion.

This will get people talking and, when the core lie is brought to the light and discussed, reasonable people will see the foolishness of legalized abortion rather quickly. See An Essential Insight for Ending Abortion as Soon as Possible and Making it Unthinkable.

5. It will help us to better see and respond to the authentic value of all human beings.

Acknowledging and rightly responding to the true value of pre-born humanity will help us to acknowledge and rightly respond to the true value of all humanity.

6. It will remind us to pray for the end of abortion.

Even many pro-life Christians forget to pray frequently for the end of abortion. “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak (Mt. 26:41; Mk. 14:38).” We need reminders. Flags at half-staff would help us to never forget.

7. It will remind us to work for the end of abortion.

Just like #6, with the reality of abortion more top of mind, the result will be more participation in pro-life activities and many more new and effective non-violent ideas to be implemented to end legalized pre-born child killing as soon as possible.

8. It will hasten the end of abortion in the U.S.

For all the above reasons, we will much more quickly reach the day when the right to life for all pre-born children will be enshrined into federal law and when pre-born child killing will become an unthinkable option in American society. Where we are as culture toward slavery, is where we will be as a culture toward abortion (a human atrocity that was once legal and commonplace, then became illegal, and finally, rightly ended up an unthinkable option).

9. It will help usher in a new era of respect for all human life.

As a strong leader on the world stage, when the U.S. makes strides to rightly see and treat all human life with the inherent dignity it deserves, the entire world makes strides in this area as well.

10. It will literally save lives and prevent deep brokenness.

Ultimately, if this action catches on, countless innocent human lives will be literally saved from being killed, and countless others will be spared the deep brokenness of participating in abortion. Yet keep in mind, even if only you take this action, and it leads to only one person changing their mind; if it protects only one life from death and spares only one mother from the deep wound of abortion – isn’t it well worth it?


Please comment below on your favorite reason for why we need to take this action.

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Stay tuned to Love Will End Abortion as we seek to awaken hearts and minds, beginning with our own, to face the reality of legalized pre-born child killing and seek to answer three questions:

  • What is our responsibility?
  • What are the most effective non-violent actions available to us to end abortion as soon as possible?
  • Do we love enough to do more?